Lyle Howry


Award-winning film producer and philanthropist, Lyle Howry has over thirty years in the entertainment business. Born in Hollywood, California, Lyle was bounced around from foster homes as a young boy, giving him the independence and innate desire to excel in the face of life's persistent challenges.

With a desire to create, Lyle began his career as a producer in 1985, co-producing the two time Emmy winning and nominated CBS's "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series. A few years later he executive produced "Reggie's Prayer" football legend Reggie White's inspirational acting debut. Lyle then joined former Paramount studio head Frank Yablans to release Jon Voight family drama "A Dog of Flanders" which won a Bronze Gryphon Award and nominated for a Joseph Plateau Award.

In 2009, with the launch of his business Skinfly Entertainment, Lyle focused his artistic endeavors on finance, studio negotiations, international production and distribution. Released in 2015, Skinfly's global hit, MMA action film "Street" launched Skinfly Entertainment into international fame and recognition. In 2017, the film was selected by The Hollywood Film Festival's 2017 Ju- ry Class as an honoree for "Best Breakout Indie Film" and for Lyle's exceptional work in inde- pendent marketing and distribution. Following this, Lyle's Skinfly Entertainment released the thriller "You Can't Have It" starring Armand Assante, Joanna Krupa and NFL star Rob Gronkowski. Along with these titles, Lyle has numerous films and television shows that have appeared on major networks, Netfilx, Amazon, Tubi, Robert Rodriguez's media company, El Rey and VYRE Network, where Lyle serves as a top level Executive for the streaming company.

Presently in 2021, Lyle's Skinfly Entertainment has taken on prison reform and is currently in production on a docuseries "A Prisoner's Path" that follows inmates journey through recovery and to freedom. Lyle is also is currently producing a big budget action/drama film, "Damaged" that deals with topics on PTSD and human trafficking, to be released worldwide in 2022. With the decades of success in the entertainment business as an executive producer and producer, Lyle is an innovative and dedicated leader focused on finance, studio negotiations, domestic and international film production and distribution. He is an expert in his field when it comes to skillful traversing the making of a movie or television series, from conception to silver screen.

Jason Rainwater

Producer -Writer

American screenwriter, actor, producer, Jason Rainwater is known for his acting roles with Mel Gibson in Richard Donner's “Lethal Weapon 3” and Steve Miner's “Forever Young”. He also co-starred in the “Tales from the Crypt” series - episode “Werewolf Concerto” -opposite Timothy Dalton and Beverly D’Angelo. After being inspired by screenwriter/director Shane Black, Jason focused his career on screenwriting. His first screenplay “Ghost Dance” was selected into Rob-
ert Redford’s Sundance Institute Writer’s Lab where he developed his screenwriting skills with the top professionals in the Motion Picture industry. Following that, he has scripted several screenplays for film and television on the domestic and foreign market. Among them are, “Saw- tooth” starring Adam Beach and “A Good Man” staring Steven Seagal showing on Netflix.

Nick Oski


Nick Oski is an award-winning, independent filmmaker, writer, director, and musician. Oski first got his professional start while composing original music for Skinfly Entertainment’s breakout indie motion picture, “Street the Movie.” Oski studied Communications, Film, and Non-linear Editing while completing his undergrad, and now specializes in all forms of professional, commercial, and cinematic production. With his personal film company, Oski has written, directed, produced, and starred in several award-winning/nominated short films, as well as produced music videos, commercial segments, and additional advertisements for corporate partnerships.

Courtland Thomas

Honorary Executive Producer

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Meanwhile, Gronk hit up a MOVIE PREMIERE Tuesday night -- rolling with his bros and his dad to the Westwood premiere of his brand new flick "You Can't Have It"


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